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Welcome to UX Selection, a platform that aims to create an awesome design community!

We are an initiative started by Yamparala Rahul, a UX designer who understands the importance of practicing. As a designer, Rahul started his journey by replicating real-world app designs pixel by pixel, which helped him understand fundamental concepts of design.


With this experience, he realized the value of sharing his designs with the design community, and thus,

UX Selection was born on 20th April 2023.

Here, we believe in the power of collaboration, and we want to create a platform where designers can learn, grow, and help each other. Our goal is to provide designers with a place where they can showcase their designs and learn from other designers work.

If you're a designer, we encourage you to submit your real-world mobile app designs on our platform.

We believe that by sharing your work, you not only showcase your skills but also help others in the community learn and grow.

We are dedicated to creating an awesome community of designers, and we want to hear from you. If you find our platform helpful or have any feedback, please let us know on Twitter.

We together, Will make the design community awesome!  See you soon, Bye.

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